February 22, 2017

Ceres-La Salle FC to join UFL

By Jerome Galunan Jr.

Following years of successful stints in local football tournaments, the Ceres-La Salle Football Club is now determined to take another step into competitive football.

This is to join the country’s premier football league – the United Football League (UFL), confirmed Ramon Janeo, one of the team’s assistant coaches.

Janeo said that Philippine Football Federation Competition chairman Cyril Dofitas arrived in Bacolod City to inform the ball club about the tournament format they will undergo in next month’s UFL’s Qualifying Tournament.

Although complete tournament details are yet to be disclosed, Janeo revealed that this UFL Qualifying will most likely be similar to that of the PFF-Smart Men’s Championship.

Janeo said that like in the Men’s Championship, Ceres-La Salle FC will first compete in the Visayas elimination alongside Cebu, Leyte, Negors Oriental, and Iloilo.

The Top 2 teams in the Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao eliminations will advance in Stage 2 and mix up with the Top 6 squads of UFL Division 2 to form 12 teams. Then the Top 6 of Stage 2 will advance to Stage 3 and join the Top 10 of UFL’s Division 1 to form the 16 teams to compete in the UFL’s “Cup”.

Janeo said that if Ceres-La Salle FC plays good game in the tournament, the squad will earn a slot in UFL’s Division 2.
Ceres-La Salle will be managed by the Yanson siblings, Ricky and Leo Rey./WDJ


  1. Ej Biggel says:

    Nooo thats bad for the weak teams cause if they r out of the league then the cup??? like schwarz, ABC Stars etc… then they wont have a chance to play .. but if u do this i have and idea we can form a div 3. and the WFL will be our reoginal league like in germany… so lets ADD in the
    1st div. ** 12-14 Teams**
    2nd Div.**14-16**
    3rd Div.** 10-12**

    hope u guys read it!!

  2. Migs Garcia says:

    EJ– This is actually a really good thing.This means more games for all the teams, and more chances for outside teams to compete at division 1 level. Those teams that you mentioned are good too, and will also get their chance to join the cup if they play well.

    This new format also helps spread football across the Philippines and increase the competitiveness of the teams (Which helps improve the quality of football in the Philippines).

    I also heard that before each of the games there will be a draw to see in whose “home field” the game is played. Unfortunately, it’s not a 2 game format (1 home & 1 away). So, whomever gets the luck of the draw, will have home-field advantage.

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