February 23, 2017

Private Curves: Hard times for Golez

Earlier this week, a local newspaper reported the padlocking incident of Princess Soraya Jaafar-Golez of their conjugal house in a subdivision here in Bacolod.  A house she shares with her husband, Bacolod Congressman Tony Golez.

Princess Soraya as she is known here in Bacolod and in Tawi Tawi, served the Temporary Protection Order (TPO) granted to her by the Quezon City court at their house in the presence of her Manila-based lawyer, Howard Calleja, and other local officials who served as witnesses.

Reports indicated that while Princess Soraya will serve the order, she discovered some pieces of evidence that would boost her claim of infidelity against her husband.  These accounts were just reported in a local daily here (not in Watchmen) and picked up by radio stations and media outlets recently.

The other day, another news item about Congressman Golez came out in national dailies after his wife, Princess Soraya, sued him in court for infidelity.  The Manila Times reported that an annulment case had also been filed against the lawmaker and a Temporary Protection Order (TPO) was sought by Princess Soraya and was granted by the court.

As of today, Congressman Golez has not made himself available to clarify to his constituents the matters involving his personal life as a legislator from Bacolod.

Though we can agree that these matters are too personal to him and his wife, being a political figure, this will make him susceptible to many queries about his state of wellness to represent Bacolod in Congress.

For one, his credibility will be in question including his programs that sought to involve the young ones for a healthy physical and moral lives.
Golez may find himself clarifying and defending himself from these questions from today up to the day of elections.  Whether he will open himself to clarify these questions or not, these will be used against him by those already skeptical voters who might consider his opponent better than him.

It is a long way to judge someone in an open political field but he will have a hard time to manage his situation now especially that it is political season.

As I mentioned in my column the other day, I am reserving a space here for our friend, the beautiful Kristel “Kel” Curbilla, owner of Facialite who helped us restore our self-confidence.  This is because last Sunday, she treated us through her staff, Lody and Ann, to a rejuvenation therapy of our face.

I think this is a response to what I consider as my worry about facing my problem because my problem is my face.  So with a little facial therapy, the glow had been restored as well as our self-confidence.

Though I have frequented my visit to Kel’s clinic, it was only on Sunday that I have noted that her clinic uses state-of-the-art technology in serving her clients.

In case readers are asking about Facialite’s address, it is beside the Riverside Medical Center.  Anyway a giant billboard will help you locate Facialite if you are in the location near the hospital./WDJ

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